Saturday, August 25, 2012

Greece is the word

How can I even put into words how amazing my two weeks in Greece were? I can't. In fact, this post has been sitting in my drafts folder for almost a month, pictures without words. I hesitate to even share these pictures, because my trip was so special and amazing, that I sort of want to keep them for myself. Does that make any sense?

But, I have an obligation to show you some food. So here it is: What I Ate for Two Weeks in July in Greece.

There is a reason certain foods are considered Greek foods. Lemons, feta, eggplant, watermelon, tomatoes... they are all better -- fresher, plumper, more flavorful -- in Greece. And, as in other Mediterranean cultures, the Greeks don't over-season in the kitchen. Just a squeeze of lemon juice or a drizzle of olive oil is all you need.

grilled pepers made a regular appearance on my plate

eggplant, grilled and sprinkled with minced garlic and feta

When we ate at home or at a relative's house, it was lots of meats and veggies on the grill, doused with lemon juice and paired with a big hunk of bread to sop of the juices.

Trips to the fresh market were so much fun. Besides having the freshest ingredients for that night's dinner, there was excellent people watching, and really cool handmade needlework, hand-woven rugs, jewelry, etc. All of which I brought home with me. :)

you better believe I brought home some olives...

When we went out to eat, it was for the freshest seafood I've ever tasted. Octopus, calamari, sardines, fried to perfection. Restaurants along the river served river trout so fresh, it tasted as if they caught it when they saw us walking up to the door. Which may have been the case, actually.

Dimitri enjoyed the food, too, albeit second-hand (or second-boob)

Of course, there were the staples: traditional Greek salad with every meal, greasy gyros stuffed with fries, lemons by the dozens that were always squeezed dry at the table, and the richest, most delicious feta I had ever tasted.

seriously, to die for.

But I'd have to say, my favorite meals were always the ones cooked by friends and family. Yiayia's papoutsakia, Cousin Laki's souvlaki, Chris's grilled sausage, Aprodite's mussels in dill orzo and homemade ice cream sandwiches with homemade peach ice cream, to name a few.

"This is souvlaki country" -Cousin Laki

my only complaint: the plates weren't big enough.

And all of this framed by the Aegean Sea on one side...

...and Mt. Olympus on the other.


So there you have it. One of the most delicious parts of the most incredible trip ever. Maybe one day I'll share the other parts, too. But you might have to request those in person. :)


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  1. Love this! Couldn't have put it better myself!