Sunday, June 17, 2012

dinner in a jar

Even though I haven't been writing much lately, I have been cooking more than ever. I've made pizza from scratch several times, pastas, and salads.

And a couple weeks ago, I finally got around to making these. They were not only delicious, but so fun to make. I'm thinking about all the different flavors I can experiment with next time.

Oh, and remember these?

I mixed the lemon artichoke pesto with a little mayo and some parmesan cheese, baked it and out came the perfect dip for my rosemary flatbread.

For dinner, I used the sweet pepper sauce on some amazing pasta from my favorite Italian grocery in Boston, Salumeria. I mixed it with some red wine and added some fresh zucchini. Kelly said it was her favorite meal so far... and I might have to agree. We used the jar of olive pesto on some toasted italian bread.

And that is how I used those three jars to feed the masses.

In other news, we had a very exciting event yesterday. Stay tuned and Ill try to update you sooner rather than later.

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