Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Besides all the unpacking and settling, there has been an awful lot of cooking going on round these parts. Here's a quick recap...

[greek, broccoli & cheddar quiches]

[at Intuition Ale Works]

[fresh market tomato and homemade bleu cheese dressing]

[max's spot while I'm cooking]

[chicken broccoli bow tie pasta, w homemade white sauce]

[steaming some oysters]

[southern style]

[more southern style]


[stir fry fixins']

[stir fry chicken & shrimp w fried rice]

[cherry cheesecake]

It still hasn't registered in that I'm here indefinitely. I think it still feels like I'm on vacation. Hopefully once I start seeing more friends and family and start working again, it will feel real. In the meantime, I'm working on changing my vampire complexion without bursting into flames. It's a fine line. Wish me luck.


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