Saturday, October 20, 2012

Return of the Spicy Sausage

Hey, how's it going? Where've you been and whatcha been eatin? I've missed sharing my cooking adventures with you, but to be honest, there haven't been too many of them lately. You know... life. But I'm here now, and I have a really delicious recipe to share, so don't be mad!

This is another recipe from that BU sausage class I took a while back that I've always wanted to try. Well, I finally did try it out a couple weeks ago. It was a great success, so I thought I'd share it. 

Caution: raw meat photos ahead.

I used the same hot italian sausage from Publix that I used for the last recipe. I opened the casings and crumbled the sausage into a bowl with some ice water. I also chopped up some onion (maybe 1/4c) and fennel seeds (a tablespoon or two...). I mixed all of that together, covered and chilled it for about half an hour.

After the sausage chilled, and all those flavors mixed together, I sauteed it in some oil, until about half of the liquid cooked out, and the sausage started to brown.

Then, I added some sauce. Normally, I would try to make my own sauce from scratch, but I had a jar in the cabinet, and honestly, I was feeling a bit lazy/hungry. You understand.

I believe this one was a Publix brand spinach and parmesan

We also wanted to get rid of the rest of the sausage before it went bad, so I added the rest of them to the sauce, whole.

Whenever I use jar sauces, I'll still doctor them up with some herbs and a splash of whatever wine we're drinking with dinner. Tonight it was this cab sav from Naked wines. I got a case of assorted wines with a groupon a month or so ago.

The recipe called for small shells, which I cooked until al dente and then finished off on the sauce, with a spoonful of pasta water. I love this because its so unexpected. The sausage incorporated in the sauce is a nice, spicy alternative to regular old fashioned meat sauce. And the spicy sausage has such a nice kick to it, which I love.

Happy fall, y'all! What kinds of autumnal recipes would you like to see?

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